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When starting your business, financial forecasts can seem overwhelming. Luckily Entrepreneur Magazine made an easy-to-follow guide for forecasting revenues and expenses during startup phase. Up late again working as usual. I’m writing this at 3:53 a.m. because well, I need to start blogging again and I love to share valuable information with people. I am […]


Mozy Kicks Its Users In The Balls

by Kyle Blake Allred

Well the time has come. Mozy did it. Mozy drops their unlimited storage plan in favor of a 50GB for $5.99 a month plan. Ouch to all you Mozy users. I switched from Carbonite to Mozy for the simple reason that Carbonite does not (at least as of the time of this writing) offer the […]

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This is the best Free Keyword Generator online. I have used a lot of keyword tools out there and nothing even comes close to the amount of data that Market Samurai gives you! You can download it for free and use the Free Version that gives you quite a bit of data or upgrade the […]


For a while now Google has had their new Keyword tool out. But I have not been using it cause I hate the interface!

It is hard to do exact match and phrase match searches now.

With the old tool you could just put in your keyword tool and then filter by exact match and phrase match…

Now it seems you have to actually put in the quotes like so “new google keyword tool sucks” if you want phrase match.

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