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New Google Keyword Tool Sucks Hardcore!

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by Kyle Blake Allred

The new Google keyword tool sucks!

Does the new (well not so new now) Google keyword tool, more specifically the interface, make you wanna rip your friggin hair out? It does me…

For a while now Google has had their new Keyword tool out. But I have not been using it cause I hate the interface!

It is hard to do exact match and phrase match searches now.

With the old tool you could just put in your keyword tool and then filter by exact match and phrase match…

Now it seems you have to actually put in the quotes like so “new google keyword tool sucks” if you want phrase match.

Or if you want exact match you need to put in the stupid brackets like [new google keyword tool sucks] if you want exact match.

Basically it seems like you need to use it like when you enter the keywords in for a Google PPC campaign.

Anyhow it sucks Google, and is not nearly as intuitive. Easier = Better – ALWAYS!

I can see reasons they are using the new one like being able to search by how many mobile searches there are but damn’t just integrate that into the old one! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Google!

I for one have been using Market Samurai which is a free keyword research tool (paid upgrade as well) for almost a year now and it blows every other keyword tool out of the water IMHO.

You can use their free version here [My Affiliate Link Of Course] – or use their link if you don’t want me to make any money if you upgrade 😉

Try Market Samurai now for free!You can upgrade to the paid version if you need more info which I personally use in my Keyword Research. Anyhow I hope Google changes back to the old one cause it is nice to use for quick searches. Stinkin Google.

So what do you think about this Google Keyword tool interface? Yeah Or Nay or you just plain don’t give a damn. I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions.


Kyle Blake Allred

UPDATE: Well it looks like the Google keyword tool is turning out to be not so bad after all 😉 It could still be more user friendly but Hey I don’t mind being wrong once in my life (yeah right). As for the exact, and phrase match you just click a box on the left hand side and you can filter your results that way.

The other thing that is turning out to be better is the Search Volume results are more accurate due to the fact that the results are now based on searches only and not on any of their search partners as they were in the previous version. So this is better and if you take a look at some of your keywords on there you may notice drastic differences in searches now.

Overall the tool is here to stay and we are just gonna have to deal with it so we may as well man (or woman) up and learn how to use it most effectively. I’ll still be using Google for my quick searches and Market Samurai for my in depth Keyword Analysis.

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